Matthew Ireland

Computer Scientist & Physicist

PGP keys


0x7A665B1B Please encrypt your message to this key for general use.

Email verification

0x7A665B1B I use this key for signing email from matthew [at] mti [dot] me [dot] uk.
0x7C043CF8 I use this key for signing email from mti20 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk.

Both of the above keys are signed by my long-term identity key 0x44D9BD39.

Long-term identity key

0x44D9BD39 My key signing key, used only to sign other keys.

My long-term identity key has no expiry date and is almost always kept offline. If you would like to help expand my web of trust, please sign this key, which I use to sign all my other keys.

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